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How to choose a sexual massage in barcelona

One of the sexual practices more attractive and wonderful that there are today from times immemorial it is the erotic massage. The pleasure caused by this activity is enormous, and can convert a simple sexual relationship into an erupting volcano full of curiosity and passionate and fiery sex massage barcelona. However, although there is to be a specialist in physical therapy, or have a title to give massages in a professional way, yes, one must take into account certain details to turn this practice into the fun and hot activity that it actually is.

Keys to the art of erotic massage

What we are looking for the erotic massage is to awaken the senses of the partner during a sexual intercourse, by way of preamble, without going directly to the point. For this reason, it is good to keep in mind certain details:

Remember to go slowly, thinking of the erotic massage as an appetizer of what is to come. In reality, you need to create an environment of curiosity and sensuality to fill out the stay of heat, intimacy and closeness, running the body of your partner, but without going directly to the point, but so slowly, getting closer, exciting, and creating a level of expectation that will be completed in your own sexual act.

The use of oils for massage is a good complement to this practice, since it allows your hands to glide smoothly over your partner’s skin, floods the stay of odors erotic wonderful, and makes her body shine in all its splendor, creating a sense of curiosity and passion that are unique. That yes, remember to heat them a little in your hands before applying it so that the effect is much more attractive and sensual.

Among the techniques that you can use to lift the libido to levels that do not can imagine, you must use techniques such as rubbing. Thanks to her, you’ll give soft caresses that will put a stop to your partner, and are ideal for start and finish. Also the friction, circular movements made with the fingers, the amasamientos, that are more passionate and strong, then take the muscle and perform twisting movements, or the percussion-light, which are small bumps that excite the nerve endings.

Where and how to give the massage?

At the time of performing an erotic massage, it is necessary to know what areas to touch. Remember that you don’t have to go straight to the point. In this case, the parties erogenous of your partner you should leave them for the end, although there are areas such as the feet or the back that can be put to a thousand per hour to your partner, this you have to take that into account.

However, parts such as legs, thighs, groins, back and neck, feet, buttocks, hands, shoulders, stomach and even the forehead, ears, or lips, are the subject of a good erotic massage. After, you will be all prepared to enter in the field in places like the genitals, female breasts or the clitoris.
Finally, it may be a good idea to prepare a beautiful atmosphere, with rose petals, candles, incense and aromas, etc, that Is to say, everything that can add curiosity and romanticism to the situation.

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