Films to learn tantric massage step by step

All of the movies that we are going to talk about below have the sexual charge just to be able to stimulate you without losing its elegance, just like they do in Shivamasajes. You should have watchedx them already, but just in case, here you have some suggestions for a sensual, funny night with your mate.

Nine 1/2 weeks

This american production, 1986, directed by Adrian Lyne, is considered one of the best erotic films in the history of cinema in spite of not having very good reviews. Starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke, the film tells the story of Elizabeth, a divorced woman who works in an art gallery, and John, a guy from Wall Street at the start of a relationship of unbridled sex that lasts for nothing more and nothing less than nine and a half weeks. Blindfolds, chocolate syrup, ice cubes…you don’t have waste.

Basic Instinct

A lot of you remember this film only for the famous crossing of the legs of Sharon Stone, but there are many more scenes that deserve the penalty. The film begins with Johnny Boz, an old glory of the rock, making love with a young blonde that immobilizes and kills him nailing his a punch of ice repeatedly. The police officers of San Francisco Nick Curran and Gus Moran is in charge of the investigation, which leads them to the writer, and girlfriend of rocker, Catherine Tramell…And I will not continue counting because I destripamos the whole movie. Play it tonight!


This movie is based on a short story by Mary Gaitskill («Bad behavior’), which is about the sexual relationship between a secretary submissive and her dominant boss. Dating from 2002, directed by Steven Shainberg and starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader. As a warning, we will say that it is a film suitable only for people with an open mind, because the relationship of submission between Lee Holloway and Edward Grey is not easy to understand. She is a young insecure that autolesiona and he is an eccentric lawyer…And up here we can go.

9 Songs

In Latin Spanish it is entitled 9 orgasms, then we’re already talking about something else. Released in 2004 and directed by Michael Winterbottom, was shot in digital video and without a script. The thing is simple, the director was reading the novel Platform and thought «how books can do this, and the film, who is better prepared, no?». So they released for it. The lead actors, Margo Stilley and Kieran O’brien, assumed from the beginning that they would have sex real, by what we previously assayed the scenes to know if they continued on with the film.

The Graduate

This American movie of the year 1967 is also based on a novel of the same name, the writer Charles Webb. The argument of the film is as follows: Benjamin, 21 years old, just graduated from university and returns home for a vacation, where a married friend of his parents cares a lot for him. Mr. Robinson wants the young man to leave with his daughter, Elaine, while lady is more desirous of being herself that having a relationship with the younger Benjamin. The film won an Oscar and was nominated in six other categories, including best actor with Dustin Hoffman.